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Up and Under! Our attack actions are diversified and are not limited to the green field, but they vary depending on the needs. They also stretch to a fundamental point of it's perimeter: the changing rooms, equipment store and parking area. Help us to score another try, support the construction of a new building for Junior Rugby Jesi sports club. Our project is ambitious, like the spirits of our young players: we want to raise 50.000€ to construct the changing room for a total of 310 square meters, parking and reception area, technical classroom and training area. That's why we envisage 5 different collection phases, which would allow us to achieve 5 different goals. We have done so much, but we still need your help to continue in our mission. Stage 1 of 5: 10,000 € to put in place the mini-rugby children's changing room.
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The project of President Luca Faccenda, step by step.


At the "Latini" sports centre in the green outskirts of Jesi, new buildings with a total surface area of 370,757 yd2 .will be constructed.

The new structure will include: 4 changing rooms for athletes, 2 changing rooms for referees, 1 room for health checks, 1 storage room and 1 technical room, all designed in strict compliance with lighting, dimensional and sanitary regulations. In addition, a convenient car park is also planned to be built. The new structure will be composed of prefabricated steel and composite containers, the overall dimensions of which will form a rectangular area surrounded by a pedestrian path. The subdivision of the changing rooms is designed for the functional separation of the teams, when present in the complex.

Particularly close to our hearts is the elimination of any logistical barrier for the disabled in our changing rooms. That is why the project has provided adequate spaces for the access and parking of wheelchairs. The same is true for the sanitary facilities and the showers. The doors, both internal and external, will be large enough to ensure full and easy access to all users without discrimination. As for the construction of the nearby parking and traffic area, there are 61 parking spaces including 2 for the disabled, 1 for coaches and 10 for motorcycles, next to which there will be an ambulance and a first aid rescue area.

Our project is ambitious, we need to raise 50.000 €.

That is why we are planning 5 different collection phases, which would allow us to achieve 5 different goals:

Phase 1 of 5: changing rooms for mini rugby's kids (10.000 €)

Phase 2 of 5: changing rooms for juniors players (10.000 €)

Phase 3 of 5: changing rooms for girls (10.000 €)

Phase 4 of 5: parking and reception area (10.000 €)

Phase 5 of 5: training classroom (10.000 €)

Help us to make another TRY, contribute to the realization of the new building for Junior Rugby Jesi sports club.

Support us in this adventure, make your donation in this first phase, we need to raise 10.000 € for the mini rugby changing rooms!

Thank you!